Are card holders better than wallets?

Why are people buying cardholders? Why are people suddenly so much attracted to card holders? Are card holders the future of pocket accessories? Are traditional wallets getting extinct? The rise of cardholders.

 Why are card holders getting popular?

People moved from CRTs to LCDs, then to LEDs. Similarly, those huge monitors have already been replaced by laptops and mobile phones are in line to replace them, to say the least.


This constant tendency of technology to make things smaller has made us think. Is it also changing the world of pocket accessories? Can card holders take the throne from wallets?

It will be tough. After all they have dominated over pockets across the world for centuries

But, suddenly change looks possible.


Card holders have recently become people’s favorites and here is a list of its possible reasons.



Wallets in themselves have changed a lot since they first came into use. It might be the time for its next big transformation. Here is a link to how they have evolved so far.



Most of the wallets present in the market are bulky and have a significant presence and visibility in your pocket. This causes two major problems.


  • Posture:

With a health aware generation, it has become common understanding that sitting 8 hours a day with a tilted back can lead to major problems.
  • Fashion:

Those bulky wallets might have been a metaphor for riches in the last century but, they are not considered impressive any more.

 21 Degree 5 pocket card holder


When demonetization was announced in India, “Paytm” shared a sneaky tweet saying, “Paytm karo.” And the country did just that.

Accompanied by ‘The internet revolution’, this has been one of the two biggest reasons of the fall of usage of cash.

The impact has been so much so that it has led to wallets getting dropped from essentials.



Not all of us need to carry those expensive wallets. Especially in a country that has major share of people under the age of 30.

Hence, it is suited to go for a less expensive product that rightly serves the purpose. Especially when you can get genuine leather options at such feasible prices.



From childhood, humans are trained to choose the best option available. And there aren’t many options in wallets whereas card holders gives you a lot of options.

21 Degree’s own card holder collection is a great example where number of pockets, design, utility, materials all vary to make different options.


Variety of 21 Degree card holders


In a world of startups where everyone wants to do something unique.

Pulling a card holder instead of a wallet goes well with the mindset of youth! It helps them stand out of the norm and, it’s pretty cool!

 Youth attracted by card holders

Too many cards:

And the last but not the least reason is – having to carry too many cards. And products like 21 Degree's 9 pocket card holder give a viable option.

Everyone has a bank account these days, you do too, then there is a salary account, then there is a credit card sales person who convinced you and the list goes on and so does the counting of your cards.

Everything a 9 pocket card holder can hold

Businessmen can even be seen carrying a card holder along with a wallet because they have to carry so many cards as well as a lot of cash.

But mostly, the cashless economy has led to more importance being given to the cards.


 5 pocket card holder by 21 Degree

With all these reasons considered, it is safe to say that card holders are the future of pocket accessories.

And we at 21 Degree, have already taken actions supporting this as it is evident in our range of card holders present in our collection, which you must check out.


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