How to save a leather product that has been machine washed?

Ways to restore a machine washed leather product. What happens when you accidentally wash your leather accessories? Is washing your leather products right?

You have washed your precious leather accessory, a wallet that you got as a gift from your wife or a handbag that your husband paid heavily for. While there is no perfect solution for this, here’s what you can do to give a try to save it!!!
 A wallet ruined after being washed in a washing machine
By the way, are you still guessing if leather products are washable or if it is okay to let your leather accessories get moisture?

Washing my leather bag

The answer to both of them is a clear NO.

Moisture itself hurts leather. However, with chemical detergents mixed, it becomes far more destructive and should be avoided as much as possible. But, if the accident has happened and you are already freaking out, here is what you can do.

Get Help-

Try connecting with the company you bought it from and ask if they can help. They might not be able to help in a lot of cases but if they can, it will be the best solution.


  • Pat dry-

Pat your accessory with a clean cloth to dry. Remember, do not rub it – just pat it lightly so it absorbs all the moisture from the outside. Buffing cloths can be highly effective in these cases.

  • Drying in the shade-

Shade or air based drying is really preferred over sun drying as it does not affect the colour. If your product has not completely absorbed the moisture and you think it will dry completely in the shade, you should do that instead of sun drying. But remember, “Your product should be completely dry (in and out) before you start using it again.”

  • Sun-

Drying leather in sunlight isn’t the best practice always. But, it sure can be used as a last resort if the product has completely absorbed moisture. Drying in the sun can save it from fungus and further decomposing. On the other hand, it can be really harmful for the colour*(read below) of the product. “So, it should be used as a last resort only.”

 Drying washed leather products in sun



  • Leather conditioner-

You can buy it online and apply it on your product. This will help your product regain its shine and will make it last longer as well as seal the pores to save from fungus.

Condition your leather products after washing them and dring them
  • Home-solutions-

If you don’t find a leather conditioner in budget, don’t worry- you can use good quality moisturisers at home too.
  1. You can also make your own leather conditioner with- Bees wax, Cocoa Butter, almond oil and castor oil.

  2. If you are too lazy for that too, you can always use moisturisers available at home.

*If your product has changed the colour and you live a city like Delhi or Kanpur, you can visit a small local leather manufacturer or processer and they might be able to restore some elegance of your product.


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We hope this saves your products. However, we do not claim for these methods to be effective, as there is no perfect solution to this problem.


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