Maroon zipper wallet open view
21 Degree maroon zipper wallet
Maroon zipper wallet details
Women's maroon wallet
Maroon zipper wallet closed
Logo maroon zipper 21 degree
21 Degree packing maroon wallet
Live image maroon zipper wallet
Blue zipper wallet 21 degree
Blue zipper wallet open
Blue zipper wallet details
21 Degree women's blue wallet
Blue zipper wallet closed
21 Degree logo blue zipper wallet
Live image blue zipper wallet
Blue zipper wallet closed 21 Degree
21 Degree women's wallet logo
Zipper wallet open with cards, notes
Blue women's zipper wallet
21 Degree packaging blue zipper
Life image blue zipper wallet
Black zipper wallet details
Model image blue real leather women's wallet
Black zipper wallet open
Black zipper wallet women's
21 Degree pure leather women's wallet
Closed zipper wallet black
21 Degree logo women's wallet
Packed 21 degree black zipper wallet

Women's wallet (zipper)

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Product description

The women's leather zipper wallet is comfortable and compact to be carried around in the bags or even otherwise. It is perfect for women who prefer their currency and cards stored in protective wallets. It has a zipper that serves as an effective locking mechanism and secures three edges of the wallet, protecting your valuables inside the wallet


  • Contains 3 card pockets, 1 coin pocket and 1 center pocket for currency
  • Zipper for valuables' safety
  • Available in 3 colours - Black, Blue and Maroon


  • Length - 120 mm
  • Width - 100 mm
  • Thickness - 20 mm
  • Diagonal - 140 mm
  • Weight - ∼105 g

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