Pure leather organizer in Tan colour
Tan colour utility kit for carrying earphones, diary, pens, business cards and Kindle
Tan colour multi-purpose organizer, front view
Tan colour multi-purpose kit, front view
Tan colour multi-purpose kit, back view
Kindle cover with organizer, front open
Tan colour organizer kit, back view
Branded organizer kit, back view
Tan organizer kit, front closed view
Tan organizer kit, open with utility
Tan utility kit, with model
Black multi-purpose kit, organizer, front view
Black multi-purpose organizer, front open utility
Black organizer side view
Black muti-purpose kit, back view

Multi-purpose sleeve (without button)

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Product description

This unisex multipurpose sleeve is of great usage for keeping office stationery and also carrying essentials when travelling. With its classic finish and the ability to pop in a diary, an iPad air, business cards, etc., you can make it an office kit if you like and carry it along


  • Contains one big pocket for A5 size diary or iPad air or Kindle
  • 2 smaller pockets for business cards or pens or currency
  • Small space for earphones or charger cable
  • Especially suited as a sales kit or a travel companion
  • Available in 2 colours - Tan and Black


  • Length - 235 mm
  • Width - 170 mm
  • Thickness - 10 mm
  • Weight - ∼160 g