5 pocket genuine leather card holder
5 pocket cardholder front with cards & cash
5 pocket card holder back with cards and cash
Leather card holder with credit/ debit cards
21 Degree Branded Leather Card holder
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Card holder (5 pocket)

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Product description

This leather card holder in brown is an addition to your utilities. A compartment in the center, 2 pockets on each side makes it a replacement for your wallet – be it an evening walk or a stroll in the park, carry this along instead of your wallet.


  • Contains 2 pockets on each side
  • Money compartment in center
  • Made of pure leather, gives it a classy look
  • Fits into your wallet


  • Length - 100 mm
  • Width - 75 mm
  • Thickness - 5 mm
  • Weight - ∼15 g