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Card holder (5 pocket with snap)

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Product description

This genuine leather card holder is an addition to your utilities. A compartment in the center, 2 pockets on each side make it a replacement for your wallet – be it an evening walk or a stroll in the park, carry this along to keep your pocket essentials handy. A snap button at the top makes it safer to carry your cards and money. Lightweight construction and elegant finish of leather add to the reasons to buy.


  • Contains 2 pockets on each side
  • Money compartment in the center
  • Snap lid keeps it safe
  • Fits into your wallet


  • Length - 100 mm
  • Width - 75 mm
  • Thickness - 5 mm
  • Weight - ∼25 g


Why do we call it Bengaluru?

The literal meaning of Bengaluru means the city of guards which signifies the snap button on top of this card holder which adds a safety feature to the product.

Customer Reviews

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Looks amazing, is slim n durable
Bought for my husband, he loved the design and the material.