Tan color, leather passport cover
Tan passport cover with utility, front open
Pure leather branded passport case, back view
Tan passport cover details sizes
Plain Tan passport cover in real leather
Tan leather passport case by 21 Degree
Brown pure leather passport cover
Brown passport cover with utility, front open view
Brown passport holder for men, back view
Brown passport cover details
Brown passport cover, front open
Black pure leather passport cover
Black leather passport cover, front utility view
Black passport cover, front open
Black passport cover details
Black passport holder for men, back view

Passport case with elastic band

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Product description

Make your travel stylish and comfortable with ample pockets for your passport, boarding passes, currency and cards. The black rubber strap running through the length gives the case extra protection and prevents loss of valuables. Being a reliable product, the passport case stands out when placed amidst others displaying great quality


  • Two big pockets - one for passport, one for boarding pass
  • 2 smaller pockets for debit/ credit cards and currency
  • Rubber strap for protecting valuables


  • Length - 145 mm
  • Width - 105 mm
  • Thickness - 12 mm
  • Weight - ∼95 g

Why do we call it Goa?

Although you don't need a passport to travel to Goa but it feels like, those failed plans will one day come true and you will travel, again and again!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shankar Kadam

Amazing products

Rajeev Pratap

I travel a lot and there hasn't been any passport case that I bought and didn't have to replace within an year except this one. I bought black one in august 19 and it still looks new, it's partly becuase I travelled less but amazing yaar, how does it look practically like new after 18 months.


It's worth the money.

Anjali Arora

I wanted to get rid of my govt given passport case for so long, but couldn't find one that looked good and was durable. It is really great that I got to know about 21 degree, this brand is really a paradise for people looking for such products. I hope they do well and are more popular. I LOVE THE PRODUCT I RECIEVED and there are a lot to come.