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Reboot your style game: Latest trends in fashion and accessories

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

From revitalizing printed shade of animal prints to embellishing refined stones in leather accessories, contemporary populace are experimenting, innovating and reviving new trends to match the modern style game. They know no conventions nor any fixed notion, all they know is trendsetting fashion norms that will tide them through the upcoming season. Let us here, delve into the latest trends in fashion and accessories in India.

Blend of style and sensibility:

From big ticket fashion houses to independent designers, there are trinkets, bags, shoes and sunglasses, dresses breaking the internet each week. All have one thing in common that the style is amalgamated with sensibility. The designer revamp the accessories and dresses as per the contemporary trends by retaining the evergreen grace with its classy looks, sophisticated finish and splendid craftsmanship. The leather accessories brands in India are incorporating this blend on leather products with a purpose to match up the contemporary curve however they pour sensibility by finishing it as a great modern piece of utility. On the same lines, 21 Degree has curated many genuine leather products having helping pockets, zippers and useful flaps; the products like tab case, passport holder, card keepers and pure leather wallets are sleek and contemporary, yet are products of utility and worth.

Embellishment on leather accessories:

The contemporary women seek to follow trends that speak about their own individuality. They crave for fashion that is epitome of self-expression - thus, they look to pick accessories that resonate their modern outlook. Thereby, brands in India craft accessories with heavy embellished embroideries filling perfectly on to the base. For instance – fixing some dainty jewel on leather belts or bags speaks about a lady with contemporary class. Likewise, carrying dresses/accessories with such splendid embellishment signify their gracious persona. It speaks a lot about her modern individuality. So why not let the lovely ladies do the talking – as they wear premium leather accessories curated creatively by 21 Degree.

Gaming up with unconventional designs:

Repetitive is cliché, different is up the radar when it comes to accessories and fashion trends. The ongoing trends don’t speak softly - in fact, they go in with unique ways. Whether it’s a sampling of the colors of the rainbow, a jewel-toned pump or berry-saturated pops of color on everything from woven sandals to leather bags – the unconventional patterns and game changing colours are here to steal the show. Essentially, this season is all about celebrating human spirit and zeal. Gear up your style with finest leather accessories from the best leather hubs and be the dandy you always were.

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