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Animal print l;ady's clutch details

Women's pouch

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Product description

This leather pouch can hold on to the day's essentials like no other - mobile, regular use cosmetics, etc. There is a tiny inside pocket to hold currency and cards, a zipper running on the top, and a loop to allow carefree movement. The functionality and the design makes this one of the most preferred accessories for shopping, office, or even when out for a stroll


  • Hidden internal pocket for valuables
  • Zipper for locking up and loop for carrying around
  • Available in 4 colours - Tan, Grey, Black and Snake print


  • Length - 205 mm
  • Width - 155 mm
  • Thickness - 5 mm
  • Weight - ∼110 g

Why do we call it Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad is one of the safest cities in India, especially for women and that is also why we named our women's pouch after the beautiful city.

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Shreyanshi Agarwal

Very professional people and I appreciated the customized product which I purchased