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Women's wallet (zipper)

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Product description

The women's leather zipper wallet is comfortable and compact to be carried around in the bags or even otherwise. It is perfect for women who prefer their currency and cards stored in protective wallets. It has a zipper that serves as an effective locking mechanism and secures three edges of the wallet, protecting your valuables inside the wallet


  • Contains 3 card pockets, 1 coin pocket, and 1 center pocket for currency
  • Zipper for valuables' safety
  • Available in 3 colours - Black, Blue, and Maroon


  • Length - 120 mm
  • Width - 100 mm
  • Thickness - 20 mm
  • Diagonal - 140 mm
  • Weight - ∼105 g

Why do we call it Jodhpur?

This wallet holds its grace with the zipper and the same is the case with Jodhpur, the city with one of the best Ziplines in the country.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kalpana Ghodake

I bought zipper wallet,good quality and genuine product.

Rahul Raje

A top of the line leather merchandise store situated in the heart of Baner/Aundh. I loved their collection of leather wallets and got myself a sleak leather zip wallet that is standing the test of durability and rough usage really well. Would recommend 21 Degrees to anyone looking beyond the conventional leather gear and accessories Store for men and women, for elegance, quality and competitive prices.